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All-Girls’ BBQ Fun!

All-Girls’ BBQ Fun! The ingredients for a successful get-together are free & simple! #GirlFun #GirlsRule

Group Shot!

Did you know that you can clean a grill with an onion? Yup!Did you know that you can clean a grill with an onion? Β Yup!

on the grill!Β We had chicken, sausage, beef fajitas and steak!

Chef G on the grill!

Around this time of year, everyone heads outside to play in the sun. Β With holidays and graduation sprinkled throughout Spring, I knew I had to act quick to reunite the girls! Β On a Sunday afternoon, we gathered for some grillin’ and chillin’.

The sun never showed up, and it even…

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Gallery Walk with AFW Mashup Team

Gallery Walk with AFW Mashup Team (working link)! Due to Wordpress error, I am re-publishing! Enjoy! #betterWork

This weekend was filled with the Triple F: Fashion, Food and Fun! On Friday, I headed to the Hill Country Galleria where the pictures of the Austin Fashion Week (AFW) Mashup Teams were on display! I joined Team Chrysalis EvolutionΒ as their blogger and was behind the scenes for the photo shoot! Look for that blog post soon! =)

Team Chrysalis Evolution members in front of the

Our team’s picture features a model wearing a chiffon dress with…

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