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ASFD Summercamp

During the summer months, Austin School of Fashion Design (ASFD) opens its doors to the kids welcoming them to summer camp! The kid-friendly classes focus on fashion design skills like Sewing and Fashion Illustration and culminate with a take-home project each week. Β Β 

The weekly classes are offered in the morning and afternoon with an hour lunch break. Β 

The schedule is set up to allow students to continue building their skills from beginner to advanced. Β In Beginning Sewing, students are introduced to the sewing machine and its functions. Β 

By the end ofΒ the week, students have created a sleeve for their iPod or smartphone, a stuffed monster, a pouch, and the final project, an apron!

In Intermediate Sewing, students apply the skills learned in Beginning Sewing and learn new sewing techniques. Β The week ends with the students making a sundress!Β 

For Advanced Sewing students can choose their course by the project they want to create (drawstring backpack, pajama set, garment of their choice)! Β 

Beginning Fashion Illustration teaches students how to draw faces, hair, and accessories using the 9-headed croquis.

Β Advanced Fashion Illustration explores different croquis poses, how to show fabric movement and create different patterns. Β  Β 

By the end of the week, the students have become friends and are already talking about the next class they want to take. Β Although they agreed the final project in each class was the most challenging, it was the one they enjoyed working on the most. Β 

ASFD Summercamp is still going strong! Check out the schedule here and sign up your young fashionista before the summer is over!

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